About Jenna Plewes

Jenna has been writing seriously for eight years.  Her poems have appeared in Reach, The Dawntreader and Sarasvati, Aspire, Poetry Cornwall, Labour of Love, Purple Patch, First Time, Areopagus and The Cannons Mouth.  She has contributed to several anthologies including Heart Shoots in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support due out in 2013.  She was Highly Commended  both in the Hastings International Poetry Competition 2012 and in Aspire Open Competition 2102.

Her career was in counselling and psychotherapy and there are echoes of this and of her love of the natural world in her poetry.  She was a potter and is an active gardener, opening her two-acre woodland garden as a member of the Quiet Garden Trust.  A small collection of her prayer poems was published in 2004 and is available from the Quiet Garden website.  She lives in Worcestershire with her husband, and has two children and four grandchildren.